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Published on Haunted MTL

Have you ever read “The Fly” (1957) by George Langelaan? Or maybe you saw the movie remake in 1986? This twisted story of science gone wrong was due for a re-imagining, so I brought this tale of horror into the twenty-first century with THE RAT

Pierre DesJardins and his wife Marie are scientists working for the University. Marie’s work is paid, making her the financial supporter. Pierre feels emasculated that his work can’t pay the bills, driving his willingness to take huge risks. A trial run of his matter transporter succeeds, but with a few problems. Pierre buries his head in his work, snubbing his wife who wonders how much more she can take of his obsessive behavior. When Pierre goes missing, Marie worries. When she finds him, the terror of his success becomes all too visceral.

Read THE RAT now:

No Reason to Hurry

A story about change and the resiliency of children. Currently under submission.

Mr. Friday

A story of loss and saying goodbye, with a spooky twist. Currently under submission

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