Naga Rising

A story about the decisions we make, and the ones we don’t.

While on his honeymoon in Sri Lanka, Naveen Khatri finds himself embroiled in a terrorist plot. Despite his desire to run away from the conflict, he can’t escape it. As a member of the Guardians of the Dharma, an ancient sect sworn to protect the secrets of Buddhism, Naveen is tasked with retrieving a sacred relic from the thieves who stole it, and guaranteeing that the story it hides is never revealed. But Naveen questions the worthiness of the mission. Dragged along by the unfolding events, Naveen is thrust into a tangled situation where he must make a terrible decision.

Status: Work in progress. A stand-alone novel that picks up after The Jewel in the Lotus.

What people are saying:

“Fascinating and harrowing journey, accomplished beautifully and brilliantly. This story was incredibly cohesive. The setting and descriptions, a hallmark of the work, were incredibly rich and well-developed, for every scene, every setting, and every character. I was definitely immersed. I truly can’t wait to see where this situation is going, and where life will take Naveen from here.” —Amanda N.


“This was a fun read. The character’s were all three dimensional so their goals and ambitions felt authentic. The relationships were well written and the interpersonal conflicts that arose helped give the story a sense of realism. I loved the setting. It felt fresh and you do enough to paint a picture of Sri Lanka to give the reader a sense of the place and the people.” —Fay C.


Wonderfully evocative. Superb momentum and pacing. Great buildup of intrigue. The plot is deeply compelling. I especially like the use of descriptive writing and dialogue throughout the manuscript, and the odd splash of humour also works well to contrast some of the more profound themes and imagery. The writing is so wonderfully unique and original and the characters and central themes are masterfully orchestrated. What really makes the novel stand out, beyond the superb plot and characterisation, is the author’s clear knack for descriptive writing. It’s so vivid and at the same time succinct, and it makes the story an absolute joy to read. The theme is handled quite masterfully and with a beautiful gentleness to the writing which works well to contrast and carry the more brutal action throughout.” —Stu M.


“Another compelling read from Ben Gartner. Naveen and Amara face more challenges in this latest novel. You’ll find yourself rooting for them both, and cheering Naveen on as he continues to do battle for good.” —Dawne R.


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