⭐️ Editor’s Pick, BookLife by Publishers Weekly
⭐️ Grand Prize Winner, Colorado Author Project
⭐️ 1st Place, Gertrude Warner Middle Grade Fiction Award
⭐️ Gold Medal, Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence
⭐️ Gold Medal, 2021 International Readers’ Favorite Awards
⭐️ Silver Medal, 2020 International Readers’ Favorite Awards
⭐️ Bronze Medal, 2022 International Readers’ Favorite Awards
⭐️ Award-winning Finalist, 2020 Next Generation Book Awards
⭐️ 1st Place in both Children’s Adventure AND Grades 4th-6th, 2020 TopShelf Awards

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Sol Invictus (Book #2 in The Eye of Ra series):

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People of the Sun (Book #3 in The Eye of Ra series):

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